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Eskimo Dance- Glasgow Scotland Was a Madness!!! [Graftin Media]

Scotland and London Grime artists forged an alliance to perform at the Eskimo Dance first visit to Scotland. Graftin Media of course  went along  to witness the biggest Grime event In Glasgow’s history and were hoping for a hype night.  Don’t get me wrong the night was mainly about the London acts but i came here t see what Scotland would do. Hype to say the least is an understatement as the roof got taken clean off  as soon as the Scottish performances started. And   as well as the artist and the Dj’s what made the night so good was the incredible Scottish crowd who went berserk for almost 5 hours straight!

The Scottish acts such as Level Syndicate, Ransom FA and SkyBoii  showed they where ready  to kick their shxt to the next level and did more than just warm up the crowd for the headline artists.  When it was time for the London  artists to take the stage P Money, Ghetts, Cadell, Chip, Aj Tracey Section Boyz and the rest of the line up stepped forward and showed why Grime  has gone worldwide.  Its was a madness!!! This thing called Grime that was created in the bedrooms of  kids nearly 17 years ago has turned into a monster, and now firmly here in the UK and now Scotland.

So if you wasn’t there, you missed history in the making. But this is still the beginning for Scotland and the future looks big very… big.  Peep the pics and share.

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