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Audio: Crimzon Ink’s 5150 Gallow Hill album

There are 19 hip hop tracks on this Crimzon Ink Album, but it only took me 2 cuts to convince me that this guy is dope as f***. Graftin Media had the pleasure of airing 2 of Crimzons videos Hold Up  and Wyleout  which are the videos you see below respectfully. Crimzon Ink is know for his robust smack down in ya face style  and  i knew when Crimzon said that his album was due out soon that he was going to be one to keep an eye on.  Although we kmow what to expect from Crimzon his gift is not just to lay venomous lyrics  and go crazy 24/7 but he also has some deep things to say with the politically charged Orchestral ‘Achemed’ which is about the trails and tribulations of war in Syria from a young boy view point.  One things for sure is that big phat beats and mayhem dwell  at  5150 Gallow Hill  and  the album  will leave your squinting your eyes, holding your chin and nodding your head  profusely. No doubt the Edinburgh based Crimzon is focused in on getting his sound heard and i think is gonna go all out to push  himself and his affiliated Talksick record’s family  fimley on the map . With more videos, more music  yet to be released from the label its something to look forward to but right now its all about this 5150 Gallow Hill  album. Check out the album right here.



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